miscellaneous car wash itemsWe offer a great selection of cleaners and air fresheners to assist and enhance your car wash experience.  You can purchase these items anytime - even if you aren't washing your vehicle or don't have enough time - to simply 'freshen up' your ride!

Our "Car Wash Punch Card" saves
you money - wash your car 5 times,
get $3.75 towards your next wash!
car wash club savings cardOur car wash bays are open 24/7/365
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 603 524-2684

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Car Wash Hours
Our car wash bays are open 24/7/365

We have three vacuum islands, two with
combination machines that offer:
 —  vacuum or fragrance
 —  vacuum or shampoo / spot remover

We also have coin-operated dispenser units for other auto products, too.

See Car Wash Services page for more info

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