slideshow images belmont slide 3DJ Roberts Laundromat has a full range of laundry services.  Conveniently located on the Daniel Webster Highway (NH Route 3) in Belmont, NH directly across from the Home Beautiful.

Washer & Dryers

We have 5 – 60 lb washers, 4 – 35 lb washers, 7 – 25 lb washers, and 10 – 12 lb washers.  We have 24+ single pocket 30 lb dryers, 2+ 30 lb dryer stacks (each stack has two 30 lb pockets ) and 3 – 50 lb dryers.

Curious about any of our machines? Please ask us!

We service many B&B’s, Inns, Hotels, and Motels in the area.  We also wash all the school uniforms for the Winnisquam Middle and High Schools.  We are also contracted with our local Taylor Rental for the cleaning of their table cloths.

Our commercial laundry services prices are based per pound.

For pricing information or to get a quote, please call 603.524.2684

Roberts Laundromat in Laconia, NH also services commercial accounts - both year round as well as seasonal.

Load and Leave

Short on time and clean laundry?  Ask us about our laundry transfer service!  You start your wash and while you’re out we transfer it to the dryer for you!    Run some errands, have lunch, catch some sun at the beach, and return to pick up your clean laundry - easy, convenient, and lets you enjoy some additional 'me' time!

Personal Laundry Service

Company?  Big doings at the cottage this weekend?  If you're very short on time, you can drop off your laundry with one of our trusted team members!  When you return your laundry will be washed, dried, and folded.  Our Wash, Dry, and Fold* laundry service is like magic!

*Same day or next day pick up available.

For our customers who use our drop off wash, dry, and fold services, we offer our Loyalty Card program.  This program saves you money with every drop off wash, dry, and fold service.  You can purchase your Loyalty Card during our attended hours and pre-load it with the amount of cash you choose.  You can then use the Spyderwash App on your smartphone to access a whole range of features including easily reloading your Loyalty Card with more funds when needed.

For our walk-in customers, we offer our "Roberts Laundromat Wash Club" cards.  You receive a stamp for each washer load you pay for; when the card is full of stamps, you can redeem it for a free wash of any size.  Stamps and Rewards are redeemable only during our attended hours.roberts laundromat customer

Laundromat Hours
Our Laundromat is open 7 days a week:
 — Every day from 5am to 11:45pm

Attendants are on duty 7 days a week:
 — Mon-Sat from 8am-6pm
 — Sundays from 9am-6pm

Please take notice...
Our doors lock automatically at 11:45pm!

See Laundromat Services page for more info
Questions or Concerns
Call us at...

 603 524-2684

We Accept

payments accepted

We have two ways to help save you money:

For frequent laundromat customers, save
on EVERY wash and dry cycle with our:
 —  Loyalty Card Program
Use the SpyderWash App for even more
convenience than ever with your laundry.

For occasional laundry customers, get a discount
off your next load after six loads using our:
—  Punch Card Program

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